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Rise Together Conference

We needed this conference just like any other married couple. The thing we struggle with most is communication… Years ago we let the non-communication continue and continue, and we found ourselves in such a hard place. That journey was tough, but as much as it hurt, it was a lesson we needed. As we signed up for this conference I knew we could always learn better ways to connect and create a great relationship, because at the end of the day this is one thing we agree on 100%, we want a great marriage. This is a goal for us.

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Getaways Together

There is something about knowing you have more time than the average date night to connect. Quoting my husband here: "Time away together is to recharge your marriage and date nights are maintenance on your marriage."

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Unnecessary Fights in Our Marriage

“I think where he would fail, was to not ask me for more time when he got home. He needed more time to decompress, and I didn’t get it.

Where I would fail was to allow someone to dictate my mood. It was not a good thing because I would let someone else’s attitude affect my attitude.”

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Our Story

“He proposed again, and we got married in 2009. We have been married for almost nine years and have two amazing little girls. I look back on this story and realize there is nothing I would change because it's lead us to where we are today.”

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