Getaways Together


This is a photo from our our 8th wedding anniversary last year!  We only had time for an overnight stay at this beautiful location Terranea Resort, but I'm grateful for any time together.

As hard as it may be to get away with your spouse, I do believe it's important. There is something about knowing you have more time than the average date night to connect. Quoting my husband here: "Time away together is to recharge your marriage and date nights are maintenance on your marriage."

When you get away together, you don't have to worry about time, so if you get into a conversation that needs to be addressed, you can discuss it and work through it. This time helps reconnect you guys on all levels of intimacy.

When we had our first daughter the thought of an overnighter without her seemed crazy. Till this day it's still hard to leave, and it might always be hard. BUT I will tell you why we do make it a priority because we have been on the side where our marriage was suffering. We have felt the disconnect from not making "us time" a priority, and it's not good for anyone in the family. Nowadays, regardless if we are in a great place or not, we know our marriage matters too so we make the time.
Sometimes you don't realize how the ongoing tension between you and your spouse can affect the energy in your home. Your kids will feel it and if you're not making your marriage a priority, can you imagine what happens to emotions at home when your marriage is suffering?  Have you ever heard this saying, happy kids come from happy parents?

Another part of this is you need to make memories together. I remember reading somewhere about the incredible bonds people create when they have shared experiences. When you first started dating, you probably enjoyed doing anything together. This is why those memories are fun to think about and relive. Create more memories that will make you feel something years from now. Create memories that will make you smile when you guys need it ❤️ #teammarried

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