Our Story


We met in 7th grade. We were 12.  

Ivan would throw paper at me in class during 6th period. If that doesn’t say, I like you at 12 years old what does? Ha!

We were boyfriend and girlfriend for an about a month. The type that only wrote letters to each other. Although we became friends shortly after there were two things I knew for sure, this guy was either going to be my husband, or he would one day be a great love story because I was sure we would become a couple later in life.

Intuition is a thing, seriously, because during our senior year of high school we became a couple. We were 18, so young! However, finally, we wanted to try and date. Wait! Is that dating at 18?!

We were together through college and while Ivan played minor league baseball. We had the best experiences growing up together.

Ivan proposed in 2005 a month before he went away to play another season of minor league baseball. In 2006, as I navigated adult life and tried to get my career going, he was off to play ball again for the summer hoping that the season would be the year something more significant happened.  We were off on different paths. We called off the engagement. As painful as it was we knew deep down it was time. I remember thinking what I thought to myself years ago was confirmed: Ivan would be a great love I would probably never replace. We broke up for six or seven months. When we got back together, we were even better people, and I did replace that great love with someone else, a better version of Ivan, and he got a better version of me.

He proposed again, and we got married in 2009.  We have been married for almost nine years and have two amazing little girls. I look back on this story and realize there is nothing I would change because it's lead us to where we are today.

Marriage is an adventure, and over the next few posts, we will tell you those stories just like the other couples on this blog. Everyone has a story, every relationship goes through different seasons, you are not alone in what you may experience, and every so often we all need to reconnect and celebrate our marriages. Which is why team married was created.

On the left we were 15 dancing at my Quinceanera (15th birthday party) and on the right we were dancing on our wedding day.

On the left we were 15 dancing at my Quinceanera (15th birthday party) and on the right we were dancing on our wedding day.

UsLily Hernandez