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I’ve been photographing weddings for the past six years at Lily Ro Photography, so I’m constantly surrounded by beautiful expressions of love and commitment, which have made me think deeply about marriage and what it means beyond the wedding. I always wish for the perfect wedding day for my couples, but more importantly, I wish for them to have wonderful, fulfilling marriages.

Inspired by my couples and by my own marriage, I created Team Married, a labor of love dedicated to encouraging happy and healthy marriages through community, storytelling, and photography.


I needed to hear that having a great marriage takes work.


While shooting a wedding a few years ago, I just wanted to cry. I was feeling down about my own marriage as we were going through a rough patch, but as I stood there photographing the wedding, I listened to a ceremony that spoke directly to my heart and told me exactly what I needed to hear at that precise moment. I needed to hear that having a great marriage takes work. That sometimes being on a team means we have to help our teammate even when we don’t feel like it. That every couple goes through ups and downs and my husband and I were not alone in this. I went home from that wedding feeling grateful for this new outlook on marriage and the outside affirmation that what we were going through was totally normal. Flipping through old pictures of us and thinking about our own love story pushed my husband and me to be stronger than ever together and ready to overcome anything that comes our way. 

I believe that our marriage was strengthened through these elements: seeing our relationship evolve over the years through the memories captured in photographs, telling and re-telling our story to each other and to others, and opening ourselves up to new ideas and perspectives on marriage from others. Team Married offers couples the opportunity to reaffirm their love throughout the years through photo sessions, a place to share their story, and a community to support them on this adventure called marriage.  


Contact me here to join Team Married and document your marriage! 

Let’s create some memories and happy and healthy marriages. And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to hear more stories of love and support.